Our Story

Rent Your Ride began as an idea in January, 2016. 


While working and attending university, the founder and CEO continually wondered how he could improve the automotive industry by providing a low cost solution for renting vehicles. He wanted to create a platform that allowed users to not only save money, but make money as well. With the growth of ride share services, it came to his attention that there was a lack of options that allowed individuals to expand the limits of exploration, beyond where a hired driver could take you. He realized that the best adventures are the adventures that you lead yourself. After months of critical thinking and research, Rent Your Ride was created. The corporation became official on September 20th 2016.

"Renters can choose from a vast, unique selection of vehicles that is not limited to cars"

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a place where both locals and travellers are able to rent a diverse selection of vehicles with ease, anywhere in the world…. Where a vehicle owner can turn their ride into a source of income to help drive future adventures; and a tool to build relationships and connections around the globe.